• YouTing Zhao wig style: I really didn't have the steal to smile!

    In《三生三世十里桃花》Trailer,originally very sad,but we was laughted at YouTing Zhao play of "YeHua" injury vomiting blood movement.

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  • Fantasywig America doll wigs sales rankings in 2016

    Look back in 2016,Fantsywig sales improved, all kinds of wig products sells very well, everyone likes.Among them, America doll wig also a relatively large increase products in sales in 2016.Then to show you sales of the top 10 doll wigs in 2016.

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  • Why do Americans like to wear a wig

    As is known to all, China's wig products are mainly sold to overseas markets.The United States is a developed country in the world, so the country has been in the forefront of fashion, wigs also have a huge market in here .So why americans like to wear a

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  • Fashion wigs, you deserve to have

    In this hair craze society,many love beautiful girls like change yourself from the hair style,the pursuit of fashion, become a temperament person.But our beautiful hair can not withstand the destruction of many times.So, how to become beautiful and does n

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  • See the world|how is made of wigs

    As you all know, wigs is a kind of artificial simulation hair,using human hair and chemical fiber materials.Wear it fashion trends and glamour infinite,but the process behind is little-known.Next the production process of wig to share with you.

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